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About Us

N2A Ministries, LLC is a multifaceted music agency founded and operated by Nicole A. Anderson, MBA, B.Mus.

N2A Ministries (N2A) connects with creatives to provide and promote positive lifestyle music for artists, organizations, inspirational venues, services, and events.


N2A also specializes in inspirational live performances as well as providing digital music royalties management for artists and rights holders.

The N2A Publishing division additionally offers digital catalog management for songwriters, publishers, and organizations.


N2A further collaborates with artists and charitable initiatives to provide creative micro-fundraising opportunities.

N2A Ministries offers four (4) live services:


  • Providing live music performances for religious venues

  • Providing live music performances for inspirational events

  • Partnering with professional musicians for clients in need of a small band (singers may be included) for inspirational events

  • Partnering with ColeTech Productions for live-sound engineering services

At N2A Ministries, our digital royalties management focus includes:


  • Guiding artists to online music distribution resources

  • Digital Music Content Registration

  • Managing digital sound recording royalties

  • Administering songwriter/publisher catalogs and digital royalties (N2A Publishing)

  • Managing YouTube monetization

  • Transforming music royalties management into micro-fundraising opportunities for charitable initiatives

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